SCAD Radio Interview by Brianna Howarth

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May 16, 2014 in Featured ContentMusic

“This is a terrible thing to say; I probably shouldn’t say it, but I really like me.” Mark Snyder, founder and multi-intrsumentalist  of Nature Boy Explorer remarks.  The band’s name mirrors their sound: journeying through acoustic dreamscapes, folksy meanderings, indie vibes, harp melodies, songs that are “not really old timey songs, but performed in an old timey way;” and wistful, eclectic female vocals.  Snyder should like  and what he’s created because Nature Boy Explorer is a genre crossing, investigative, fluid band hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Becky Brown, vocalist and harpist, is Snyder’s other half.  She’s soft spoken; whereas, Snyder, according to Brown, is: “Probably one of the craziest people I’ve met.  He can get a story out of anyone or will tell a story to anyone.”  Brown is a student at the University of Mary Washington while Snyder is her professor.  Both are musically inclined and together are passionate about the band, and eager for their current tour.

Brown and Snyder also share a similar mindset on performing.  Snyder “doesn’t care the venue, it’s about the people.”  Snyder and Brown tailor their performance to what the crowd desires.  “The last place we played was at Globehopper Coffee in Richmond, Virginia and it was really nice; you could hear a pin drop, but then there have been times where we’re in the bars and it’s really loud and crazy and the people sing the songs back to you.”  Nature Boy Explorer will be playing at the Sentient Bean in Savannah, Georgia on Monday, May 19 at 8PM.  Snyder notes that “the hardest part is figuring out what the audience is looking for.”  Nature Boy Explorer can fit into any set list; recently they followed a hip-hop act in Fredericksburg, and of course, engaged the crowd.  Snyder states: “It works best when the audience and you are in the same mind space or emotional state.”

Nature Boy Explorer’s most prominent trait is their energy.  Snyder possesses a youthful vigor he had when he “started banging on stuff when I was a  little kid.  Then I started on trombone, then the tuba, then I did drums.”  Snyder is interested in electronic music, and originally constructed Nature Boy Explorer as a rock group, and now has thoughts to change the band, but possibly maintain it’s acoustic prowess.  Nonetheless, Nature Boy Explorer will certainly grow and change with Snyder’s spirited character and various interests.  There isn’t any musical territory that Nature Boy Explorer cannot conquer.